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1080i-HDV & 720-SD Video Libraries
RioVista-Media Video: HDV & SD Collections, Nature Series-2

Nature Series-2, Collection-4: Here is NS2, Collection-4… 25 pristine nature clips in 1080i High-Definition format. For a quick overview, please click on the button "Play NS2 Demo (Collection-4)."

Browsing the Collections: You can access our 8 Nature-Series libraries from the Main Menu “Videos” button or from the left-side navigation links. The left-side list has links to each library and every collection. Just mouse-over a link and press your mouse selection button to open that page. For a quick overview of this library, please click the "Play NS2 Demo" button directly below… then check any of the 6 collections via the image-links that follow the play button section.

About the Flash Previews: We use highly compressed low-res Flash videos that are intended only to provide adequate previews.

Click on this button to play a quick overview of NS2 Collection-4

Play quick demo of Nature Series-2 Library

(*Please review our License Page, purchases imply your acceptance.)

Click an image below to preview clips from NS2 Collection-4:
HDV4_0133.15Hi-Def, Nature Series 2 HDV4_01 HDV4_0224.10Hi-Def, Nature Series 2 HDV4_02 HDV4_0332.06Hi-Def, Nature Series 2 HDV4_03 HDV4_0424.17Hi-Def, Nature Series 2 HDV4_04 HDV4_0528.07Hi-Def, Nature Series 2 HDV4_05
HDV4_0628.07Hi-Def, Nature Series 2 HDV4_06 HDV4_0736.11Hi-Def, Nature Series 2 HDV4_07 HDV4_0826.20Hi-Def, Nature Series 2 HDV4_08 HDV4_0929.10Hi-Def, Nature Series 2 HDV4_09 HDV4_1021.04Hi-Def, Nature Series 2 HDV4_10
HDV4_1121.17Hi-Def, Nature Series 2 HDV4_11 HDV4_1222.09Hi-Def, Nature Series 2 HDV4_12 HDV4_1351.16Hi-Def, Nature Series 2 HDV4_13 HDV4_1419.06Hi-Def, Nature Series 2 HDV4_14 HDV4_1518.09Hi-Def, Nature Series 2 HDV4_15
HDV4_1620.06Hi-Def, Nature Series 2 HDV4_16 HDV4_1725.17Hi-Def, Nature Series 2 HDV4_17 HDV4_1831.09Hi-Def, Nature Series 2 HDV4_18 HDV4_1934.07Hi-Def, Nature Series 2 HDV4_19 HDV4_2031.10Hi-Def, Nature Series 2 HDV4_20
HDV4_2135.10Hi-Def, Nature Series 2 HDV4_21 HDV4_2226.09Hi-Def, Nature Series 2 HDV4_22 HDV4_2340.09Hi-Def, Nature Series 2 HDV4_23 HDV4_2422.09Hi-Def, Nature Series 2 HDV4_24 HDV4_2556.08Hi-Def, Nature Series 2 HDV4_25
About RioVista-Media Nature Series-2 HDV & SD Video Content

RVM Nature Series-2: The NS2 library was acquired throughout the golden state of California (during Autumn and Winter). This collection was shot primarily in and around the Sierra Nevada mountains.

We recommend a visit to our Demo Center, where you can get a quick overview of the entire NS2-NS8 content (including a set of presentations by category of nature).

Pristine Nature Footage: All of our libraries are of "pristine nature." There are no unnatural objects, structures, or human activities to remove. We also feature longer clip times that may include slow zooms (in and out), lifts, and pans.

NS2-NS8 Sourced in 1080i HDV: All footage in the NS2-NS8 libraries was sourced with the Canon XL-H1 in 1080i.

NS1-NS8: A real variety of nature’s imagery that includes majestic wide-angles and close-ups of snowy mountain ridgelines, big skies, blue rivers, hidden streams, icy creeks, exciting cascades and waterfalls, broad valleys and rocky canyons, dramatic coastal wonders, sunrises and sunsets, beautiful tree and forest settings, vibrant wildflowers, amazing wildlife, and much more!

Technical Details: Please review our Technical Info page for more details about this and other nature footage libraries. We also provide a procedure for those working in 24p or 24fps HD/HDV environments (including 720p). This is available to all as a PDF download here.

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